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Dec 23, 2012 2:55am EST
on a legalizing medical marijuana or decriminalizing marijuana has had on the youth perceptions and the high use of daily marijuana among teenagers? >> we have been seeing with respect to prescription drug use, we are interested in knowing my kids were trying to favor these drugs. one of the consistent findings is their belief because there are being prescribed for medical purposes, they are much less risky. if you extrapolate -- if you extrapolate that, the message is the equivalent to that of the prescription medications. because they are prescribed for medical purposes, they could not be so harmful. i think that is one of the elements contributing. we also recognize that individuals, one of the factors that contribute is the illegal quality. that is a deterrent for many individuals. when you start to have the debate, you have some states where it is no longer the case, then this deterrent is not present. we can prescribe those two factors or increasing the likelihood for people being exposed to marijuana. >> thank you. other questions from the floor and from the press?
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1